CRIWARE Newsletter2017 12(English) 川口コメント補足


CRIの英語ニュースレター(12/19発信版)をportalでも紹介していくよ。McDSPという音楽制作向けのプラグインが使えるようになるよ。ブログ記事ではPCブラウザ上でもゲーム機のように音を鳴らせるADX2 for the Webの紹介だよ。

The monthly CRIWARE newsletter brings you news about ADX2, Sofdec2 and other amazing audio and video technologies from CRI Middleware.

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In this issue: the McDSP plug-ins come to ADX2, ADX2 for web browsers, how to display your waveforms correctly in the timeline and news from CRIWARE in China!

Happy Holidays to all!



【CRI ADX2】McDSPのプラグインを使うと何ができる?

We are thrilled to announce that audio processing plug-ins from renowned developer McDSP are now available for ADX2, both in the AtomCraft authoring tool and at run-time (for PC, PS4™, XBoxOne, Switch etc…) natively and in Unity.

Bring your game audio to the next level with:
  • AE600: an equalizer providing 6 fixed and active EQ bands with many available modes and parameters.
  • Futzbox: a “low-fi” sound processor to create radio dialog and more.
  • ML 4000 ML1: a mastering limiter with advanced peak detection.
  • SA-2: an award-winning dialog processor based on a specifically tuned 5-band active equalizer.
 For more information, check out this new blog post.



You can now enjoy developing interactive audio for your web applications with ADX2. With AtomCraft, ADX2’s user-friendly and advanced tool, authoring audio that will play in browsers has never been that easy!

When you are ready, simply select “WebGL” for your target and export the data. All sound data will be encoded in the AAC (m4a) format. You will be able to access it directly through our JavaScript API.

For more information and for a list of the browsers supported, check this blog post and do not hesitate to contact us!



This month, we are showing you how, in AtomCraft, you can display the waveforms of the Materials on a Cue’s timeline, whatever their duration.

Indeed, by default, to save memory / CPU, the display is only created for waveforms shorter than 10 seconds.  Longer waveforms will not be displayed. For example, here we put a 30-second waveform on the timeline:

To change this, go to the “Tool” menu and select “Properties…” In the window that appears, click on “Display” in the left panel.

On the right, in the “Timeline” section, change the value of “Display Time of Waveform Graph”. This represents the maximum duration in seconds for which a waveform will be displayed on the timeline.

Let’s change this value to 30 seconds. The previous clip now looks like this:

If you want to ignore this setting altogether, simply enter 0 and all waveforms will always be displayed, independently of their durations!


CRIWAREが中国でも使われるようになってきました! 萌王EX、アズールレーンで採用されました。
It was recently announced that the action game “Moe King EX” from Meng Gong Fang published by NetEase Games will be using both the ADX2 game audio middleware and the Sofdec2 video encoding and playback system.

Meanwhile, “Azur Lane”, another popular Chinese game, has made its debut in Japan a couple of months ago, and has already exceeded 3 million downloads. The game, developed by Manjuu and Yongshi, is relying on ADX2 for interactive game audio.


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